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Welcome to MediumshipRadio.com, with your host Tim Doyle. The podcast radio show that brings you all the news, interviews and more on everything about mediumship and the Spirit World.
A podcast show covering all facets of mediumship, from mental mediumship to trance speaking, healing, trance healing and physical mediumship.
In each show we will bring you news, interviews, readings and answer all those questions you have on mediumship.
We aim to give comprehensive cover to help more and more people to understand mediumship, how it works and shatter those long established myths surrounding mediumship and most of all bring the love of spirit to you.
Please navigate through this site to discover how to be part of the show, or book a healing or a reading.

Tim Doyle 


Tim is a platform demonstrating medium of 12 years, based in the North of the UK and is currently developing physical mediumship including transfiguration and trance healing








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